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Catholic University
Finance Institute

 Where the Next Generation of Mission-Driven Finance Professionals are Created 


The Catholic University Finance Institute is one of Washington D.C.’s premier forums for distinguished finance professionals and educators to share their insights about innovative and fundamental topics with top-tier collegiate students. The Finance Institute works to underscore Catholic University’s role as a vital platform to promote a robust community of the Nation’s Capital’s leading finance students, educators, and professors.


The Finance Institute was established to foster the next generation of mission-driven finance professionals. The organization exists to provide its members with guidance into and preparation for a successful career in finance by fostering in its members a finance-orientated intellectual framework and connecting members with a social network of interdependent students and career professionals.


Our Real World Structure

Our institute structure is meant to resemble the hierarchy of the top financial firms. Our Managing Director and Chairman of the Board oversee the partners, associates, and analysts of The Finance Institute.

Diego Rojas Headshot.jpg
Diego Rojas
Chairman of the Board
Jack Rosenberg Headshot_edited.jpg
Jack Rosenberg
Managing Director


Elite students who add value to the Finance Institute by heading a division, running meetings, and bringing in sponsors and speakers from the professional world. Partners must have outstanding work experience in the finance world and be unanimously appointed by the board to serve as the visionaries for The Finance Institute.


Typically third or fourth year students who have a year of internship experience in finance. Associates will choose a division to specialize in and will assist the partners in the operations of that specific division. Associates will also be mentors to Analysts and help them achieve their goal of obtaining a prestigious internship.


First, second, or third year students who are pursuing internships in finance. Analysts will be involved in important operations that assist the associates and will also complete a financial boot camp to increase their industry based knowledge. Analysts will be on track to build a fantastic reputation within the financial world.




Technical Knowledge

Members are exposed to various finance-oriented career options such as wealth management, banking, and corporate finance. Through technical boot camp, our members will attain fundamental knowledge applicable across all finance professionals and become proficient in operating systems such as The Bloomberg Terminal, Wall Street Prep, Excel, and others.  


Corporate Relations

Students are connected with the finest financial corporations in the greater Washington-DC area through the vast network that exists within the Finance Institute. Involvement with the top financial professionals provides our members with insight into what it takes to become competitive in high-caliber industries.

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Our Leadership

James Galang - Headshot.jpg
James Galang
Spencer Van Dopp Headshot.jpg
Spencer Van Dopp
ashley partner headshot.png
Ashley Amirsakis
Philip Caliendo Headshot.jpg
Philip Caliendo
Evan Kazacaramc Headshot.jpg
Evan Kaczmarek
Michael Kish Headshot.jpg
Michael Kish

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Contact Us: 

620 Michigan Avenue, NE Maloney Hall, Washington, DC 20064


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